Vicious Potty Studio- Marietta, Georgia 2002

Many different sounds have been captured at Vicious Potty Studios. Here are some glimpses inside my home 4-track/computer recording studio. This thing has evolved since about the 1984 in Chesapeake, Virginia. Such fine projects such as Peeping Yeti (Norfolk, VA), The Muffshrooms (Chesapeake), The Keating Five (Norfolk), DT & the Shakes (D.C.), The Stone Monkey Band (Atlanta) and all my personal numerous unfinished endeavors. I currently do all editing/final mixing/mastering on the PC computer platform. Check out Music record at Vicious Potty and beyond in my "Music Section"

      Current Config. 9/2002:
* Berhringer MX2642A 26 Channel Mixer
* Yamaha MT-1X Multi-Track Recorder
* Yamaha NS-10M Monitors
* Alesis NanoCompressor
* Berhringer DSP2024P Virtualizer MultiFX
* BOSS RPS-10 Delay/Pitch shifter
* Alesis NanoSynth
* Rane GE-27 EQ
* ForeFront MIDI Merge FT8
* Digitech RP-5 Guitar FX
* Shure SM-58 Mic.
* EV RE-10 MIc.
* Sennheiser M421 Mic.
* SBK 6 space rack
* Fender Twin Reverb (1970's)
* Yamaha DD-9 Drum "toy"
* Roland PC200 MIDI keyboard
* Yamaha CS01 Analog Synth
* Korg DT-1 Digital Tuner

Click for a better full frontal of my studio
         Vicious Potty Guitars:

* A mini Rickenbacker (clone of some sort) with a Hummbucker. This thing has a fat mellow sound. Purchased at a thrift store a decade ago for around $5.

* DeArmond M65-C with a red DeMarzio Tone Zone in the bridge position.

* A Fender Jazz Bass with a Bad Ass II bridge.

* An ESP telecaster. A great all around guitar

* A Benny Gould custom made acoustic guitar. My mother had this made for me when I was 15 or 16. I put a single coil pickup in the bridge which provides a real twangy electric sound (though I rarely use it).

      Vicious Potty Keyboards:

* A Yamaha CS-01. A true monophonic Analog Synth I bought in 1984 for around $400 (expensive ey?). It really sounds great.

* The Roland PC 2000 MIDI keyboard controller is a handy front-end to whatever sound module I choose to use. Currently I'm using the Alesis NanoSynth, but it work nicely with virtual instruments on the computer.

Here are a few bigger views of my gear.

This Yamaha 4-Track (below) has treated me very well over the years.  The whole Studio is held together by a Ultimate Studio Workstation.


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