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Fred DennyObjective:     To use my experience in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Networking & Systems Administration in order to deliver full-performance and cost-effective solutions for Laboratory and Development environments.  



Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology,

   Concentration in Electrical Engineering Technology
   Old Dominion University - Norfolk, Virginia
   August 1984 - May 1990
Engineer in Training (EIT) (Virginia - 1990)
Certified NetWare Engineer (CNE-4) (August 1996)
Certified NetWare Administrator (CNA-4) (April 1996)
Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (August 1997)



Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems - Marietta, GA (LM-AERO)                          12/97 - Present

Senior Engineering Technologist/Network Systems Engineer


Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL) ~ C130 and C5 Flight Simulators ~  Dept. 6H4M  

·         Management of a Sun Fire 280R Server Cluster and associated NIS/NFS environment (1 TB).

·         Configuration and Management of RAID Storage utilizing VERITAS Volume Manager. (Sun T3 Arrays)

·         File System Backup and Restoration utilizing VERITAS NetBackup for Datacenters (StorageTek L180)

·         Configuration/Management of 3Com Switches, Cisco Switches and routers for autonomous labs.

·         Installation/Management of Microsoft Windows 2000/3 Application & Terminals Servers

·         Continual rollout and configuration of Sun Workstations (Solaris 2.5.1.thru Solaris 9)

·         Support of SGI ONYX2 and O2 computers for flight simulator 3D Visualization Systems.

·         Installation/Support of Samba servers for internal & external lab file-share access (Redhat & Solaris).

·         Forecasting and procurement of a yearly IT Hardware budget of $600K.

·         Implementation of a web-based Inventory & Lab Scheduling Systems using a MySQL back-ends.

·         Apache and Microsoft IIS Web Server Administration (ASP, Perl-CGI, PHP).

·         Procurement of yearly Hardware and Software support and license renewals. .

·         Implementation of a local Virus and OS update system for Microsoft Windows Workstations and Servers.

·         Network Monitoring using SolarWinds Network Management Suite & various Open Source software.

·         Coordination tasks when implementing Extranet, VPN, and Point-to-Point connections in the labs.


Software Engineering Process Department (SEPD) 6B22                                            1997- 2001

·         IT Support for efforts to obtain CMM SEI Level 3/4 and ISO 9001 Certification.

·         Design and implementation of a Citrix/NCD/Window NT Terminal Server providing Windows NT applications to NCD-based thin clients and other computer platforms.

·         Overall design, configuration, and support of a thirteen-seat training classroom (client/server/network gear/audio/projection/satellite receivers for NTU/PBS education and training telecourses )

·         System support, administration, and configuration of a Digital UNIX Alpha 2100 server providing 24/7 uptime for a C-130J Flight Test Oracle Database (FTCCS Oracle 7.3.X).

·         Support of sixty users in a UNIX and NT multi-Domain Engineering environment.

·         Installation and ongoing Administration of Digital UNIX mail server (SENDMAIL, POP3, SMTP)

·         Routine OS installations and upgrades of: Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Sun Solaris, SGI Irix, Redhat Linux, Windows NT Server, Workstation, and Windows NT Terminal Server.

·         Development and teaching UNIX environment and shell programming classes to company personnel.

·         VMS administration of two Digital 4000/200 VAX/VMS systems and related clients.

·         Performed scripted in-place and "across the wire" tape backup routines to DLT tape devices.

·         Installation of server application software (Cayenne’s Teamwork, Oracle, PCMS/PVCS, Interleaf, RTM, Matlab, and Rational APEX)

·         Field support for remote and traveling executive users. (Laptops, Mail, SecureID cards, NetMeeting)

·         Network installation and support of the Fiber Optic Wave Division Multiplexing (FOBWDMä) system.

·         Configuration of RAID Arrays using Adaptec, Mylex, IBM ServerRAID hardware and software.

·         Travel to remote sites to set up Networks and computing appliances for demos and expos.

·         Software installation of NCSA Httpd/Apache, Microsoft IIS 4, Netscape Fasttrack web servers.



Systems Engineer - CDI Marine - M&T Company a division of CDI Corporation

301 Queen Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704                                                                            10/96 – 11/97

·         Management of a fifty-user/four-server Novell 4.x network using IPX/SPX, LAT, and TCP/IP protocols.

·         Maintain and Develop a Postscript text processing system based on PERL and system scripts (SPARCstation 2)

·         Member of CDI Corporation's Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC). This group collaborates on issues related to our corporate-wide enterprise network (Frame Relay).

·         Overall support of PC clones, Sun Workstations, VAX 4000 workstations and Linux based PC platforms using DEC DNI, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, NetBEUI and NFS networking protocols.

·         Provide network connectivity, technical support, and administration for The M&T Company's Virginia Beach branch office (now in Portsmouth, VA). Network topology includes Frame Relay (via ISDN) to the CDI Corporate WAN, remote PPP sites, and a connection to a local Internet service provider.

·         Provide support for AutoCAD and Interleaf publishing workgroups including associated printers, plotters and software.

·         Support of an Apache web server and a Netscape Proxy server for remote and local work sites.

·         Installation and configuration of PC, Sun workstation and VAX mainframe network computing hardware.

·         Code authoring/maintenance tasks in Perl, HTML/SGML, UNIX shell and VAX DCL scripts.

·         Authored numerous Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM's) for Automatic Test Equipment.

·         Perform both manual and automated tape backups of company workstations and servers.



Electrical Engineer - Hybrid Systems Engineering GS-855-12                                          01/91 – 06/96

Naval Aviation Depot - Naval Air Station Norfolk, Virginia (Base now closed via BRAC)

·         Developed, debugged and maintained avionics computerized Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) software and hardware for the U.S. Navy's fleet-wide A-6 and F-14 community.

·         Utilized cross platform protocols, multiple network computer hardware and a Novell 3.12 printing network to accomplish assigned tasks.

·         Lead Cognizant Engineer for the Sparrow Missile Test Set (SPTS), the Loader Verifier Test Set (LVTS) and software support for the F-14 AWG-15F Weapons Control Panel.

·         Designed, procured and built an interoffice peer-to-peer PC LAN for our engineering & logistics groups.

·         Software development tasks involved source code authoring, debugging, updating and distributing using a variety of platforms (HP1000, PC, Sun, and VAX/VMS) and media formats.

·         Routine responsibilities included project budgeting, system hardware prototyping, contract writing, project milestone monitoring, providing logistic engineering support, software configuration management, drawing reviews, user manual corrections/updates as well as compiling parts provisioning list to support new fleet equipment.

·         Performed cost-benefit and return-on-investment analysis on proposed engineering changes and new system support projects.

·         Many efforts involved devising porting schemes for different computer platforms to facilitate diagnostics and firmware upgrades on unique systems.

·         Common maintenance actions involved engineering investigation on malfunctioning F-14 and A-6 avionics assemblies.

·         Participated in the field testing of new avionics support hardware and related firmware.



Chief Engineer – College CO-OP                                                                                       08/89 – 05/90

WODU Radio - Old Dominion University - Norfolk, VA

·         Purchased, installed, and maintained studio equipment in an AM broadcast environment.

·         Head-of-station engineering committee and served as chief supervisor of all technical matters within the station.

·         Submitted quarterly reports concerning my duties as Chief Engineer, which included every aspect of the job, such as expansion proposals, purchasing needs, and training of station personnel.

·         Maintained five carrier current transmitters providing AM coverage on the college campus.




Operating Systems: Working experience in BSD UNIX,Compaq/Digital UNIX, DOS, HP1000 RTE-4, Intel RMX, IBM AIX, SGI Irix, MacOS 7-10.2 environments, Microsoft Windows 3.11/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, Novell 3.12 - 4.1, VAX/VMS, SunOS/Solaris, and most popular Linux distributions.

Hardware Used: DEC (Alpha 2100-4/275), Sun (LX-Enterprise 280R), SGI (Indigo-ONYX2), IBM Netfinity (5500-7000) servers, Cisco Routers, Supermicro SuperServers, PC clones, Cisco/3Com/DEC Switches and Hubs, DEC Bridges, Tape drives (8 mm, DLT, LTO, Mammoth, QIC, TK series & reel tape), Network printers, Network & external modems (V.32-xDSL modems), Fluke LANmeter, rack hardware and numerous NIC’s (AUI/Twisted-Pair/Coax/Multi & Single Mode Fiber).

Programming Languages Used: Programming experience in Assembly, ATLAS, BASIC, C/C++, FORTRAN, PASCAL, Perl, PHP, HTML, and Makefile script languages.

Engineering Hardware Used: Extensive knowledge of Intel, Motorola, & Sparc architectures in workstations and embedded systems. Experience with various Oscilloscopes, Multi-meters, Microprocessor simulators/emulators, 680X0, 80X86, Z-80 series microprocessors, Programmable Logic Controllers, PROM programmers, IEEE 488 based Instrument controllers and most common laboratory equipment. Worked with the following military ATE platforms: CASS, CAT-IIID, HTS, SPTS, LVTS, GRAD/GACT, MUPS, UPS, Harris PDS and MIL-STD-1553 data bus systems.

Solaris 8 TCP/IP Network Administratio
n: July 2001, Sun Education Services Atlanta, Georgia
Solaris 8 System Administrator II: June 2001, Sun Education Services Atlanta, Georgia
OO Programming Using C++: Nov. 2000, Georgia Tech. College of Computing - Continuing Education
The C Programming Language:
Oct. 2000, Georgia Tech. College of Computing - Continuing Education
ORACLE: Backup Techniques
: 1999 Lockheed Martin Training, Marietta, GA
NOVELL Administration & Engineering Education: 1996, AmeriData, Norfolk, Virginia
CASS ATLAS Programmers Class: 1995, Lockheed-Martin Corporation, Orlando, Florida
PC Design for Embedded Applications: 1995, Annabooks University, San Diego, California
LASAR 6 Programming Course: 1995, Naval Air Warfare Center, Lakehurst, New Jersey
NAVAL Contract Officer Rep. Course: 1994, Naval Supply System Command, Norfolk, Virginia
Radar Operation & Design Fund.: 1993, The George Washington University
ATLAS Programming: 1992, LCTI Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland
Microwave Test Fixture Design: 1992, Adam Microwave Consulting, Inc. 


References available.

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