Now Listen Up You Lamprey Faces...


The Universal Cohorts:
Steve Ziliak finally has his Heterodox self online in Chi-town.
Keep an eye on Randy Holmes'  Silvertone World.
Sean Dennis is a good ole boy who uses acronyms like SEO.
Keep an eye on Tim & Karen's Golden World HQ
Steve Ziliak finally has his Heterodox self online in Chi-town.
Dave Park is now in WiseAcre (and myspace)
Check out my brother Guy's band The New Kent Killers
See where Seth and Tony are at

Paul R. West hates drug cartel's. Feel the New Tides rolling in.
 The Hell Mach Four are in the hangar for a while.
ex-Norfolker, Johnny Cassidy is the man behind Firstone.
Darrell Duane was released from work camp in France .
The Celtic Dancing Queen has finally married.
They used to call this guy Rasta Dread.
Natalie servers Voluptuous Vittles everyday

Robin Weaver cannot stay off the roof.


The Muzak that drives me to work and back:
Sorry No Ferrari are new tappers from the ATL
Kayo Dot is mega heavy yet ultra soft
For over 10 years Don Caballero have played instrumentals
Adam Green says, "these burgers are crazy"
The Moldy Peaches have got the crack!
The Plastic Constellations are getting higher in magnitude.
The Dismemberment Plan were worth seeing or hearing.
Rock on Atlanta here's Wesely Willis (he was kicked out of church)
Relapse Records is an interesting American grind/metal label (cool site).
New info on The Rev. Fred Lane - the one that cut you..
~ Check out The Frogs Archive ~
The Halo Benders are awesome! (As well as Beat Happening).
Will Oldham's music both cracks me up and impresses my senses.
Lee "Scratch" Perry = The Universal Dub Master

My friends Dave & Phil once played in UNREST
Mastodon Rocks! still..


Radio on the computer:
** SOMA FM is my favorite station on the internet!
Radio Free Georgia is Live straight from L5P
Radio K is in Minneapolis/St. Paul and kicks ass!!
Chapel Hill's WXYC is the epitome of college radio.
The University of Wisconsin at Madison hosts WSUM.
Chicago's WNUR is an "experiment in sound" (or so they say).
WKNC is North Carolina States indie rock (sorta) voice.
Georgia Tech's WREK has a whole week backlogged in Real Audio.
WRAS here in Atlanta has many great bands playing live in-studio.
KCMU in Seattle is what Jill Passmore listens to in Real Audio .

Talk about diversity KUSF in San Francisco is great!
Prank Calls are Arnettes middle name
Listen to the latest pranks from Blackout's Box and others
Shoutcast Radio stations let you choose or start your own station!
Check out the latest world news from the BBC in London.

Fred Denny himself

Repent! Quit Your Job!!

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