Photo's from my August 2001 visit to Norfolk, VA

Capt'n Chuck assured my his Macgregor was in thumbs-up condition First mate Phil just wanted to make the boat go faster...
We had really good wind... for a while.. Then we hit the doldrums and I hit the cabin This ship seemed much bigger in person..
Dan Tucci with the cool shirt & camera! Adele with the cool new apartment & kitty Phil and Janine enjoying thier weekend..

Can you say Absenta? The creation of the "Green Monster".  Watch these Pro's work. Another "Green Monster" he's Martinized
Kathy is an up an coming Sunflower Farmer.. Kevin's happy with his telecaster!
Dave, Sophie, and Tabatha after a week of hard work. I was very lucky to have my doo worked on. Thanks Dave!
Dad, Fred and Shannon after a filling breakfast Lynn and Adele after a filling breakfast
People passing plates Grace and Guy just hanging out..